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Ionizing Bottle Rinser

Product Description

No water or compressed air needed!

The Ionizing Bottle Rinser by Paxton Products improves sustainability in bottling operations by eliminating the need for water rinsing, and/or air rinsing using compressed air. Using a specially designed air knife, the Ionizing Bottle Rinser has been successfully qualified under all common test media: styrodot, cardboard dust, and various debris.

System includes:

Paxton 15 hp AT-1200 high efficiency centrifugal blower, backed by a full three year warranty
A custom-engineered air knife, with a patent-pending design optimized for bottle rinsing
304 stainless steel construction and mounting hardware to withstand washdown environments
Emitter points are contained within the manifold or knife to promote durability, safety and a consistently clean ionizing bar
More active emitter points give increased ionization performance
Polypropylene blower enclosure, to provide washdown protection and sound dampening
Inlet and outlet Nano filtration, with outlet HEPA filtration available upon request
Optional variable frequency drive (VFD)