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Enclosures for Air Delivery Devices

Product Description

Safety and Savings
Enclosures, made of 304 stainless steel, provide water, air and sound containment in your drying process. These enclosures keep the water contained inside the enclosure, then drained, eliminating mess on your factory floor – and eliminating any safety issues due to wet, slippery floors. Enclosures are custom designed for each application, ensuring maximum effectiveness. The unit is fitted to the individual line needs, and can be configured for all types of conveyor systems.

All Paxton enclosures are designed:
For ease of washdown, maintenance and durability
304 SS construction
Minimal use of fasteners, and rather using welded connections
Minimal use of gasketed joints
Improve safety
Water from blow off easily collects and drains, keeping floors dry
Reduce sound
Easy to use, full access, easy to get into and out of
Stainless Steel doors with Lexan viewing windows
French style doors with no center divider
Easy lift off doors: only need to open 1” to lift off
Dual handles on each door
Stainless steel lift off hinges
Improve quality
Sloped roof gives good drainage to prevent water from dripping back onto product
Easy to install
Swivel-style leveling feet with anchoring holes
Two piece construction with easy connectors