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Product Description

The Paxton CapDryer provides complete drying of the bottle neck and lid to improve quality of coding, tamper banding, labeling and vision system results. It is available in 2 sizes, to fit most bottle types & conveyor configurations.

The CapDryer systems target the neck and lid of most bottle types and sizes, and when coupled with a Paxton AT- or PX-series blower, thoroughly dries the cap and throat within an 18-30” footprint.

Reduce false readings from vision systems
Improved adhesion and positioning of label and tamper band
Eliminate coding quality issues due to smearing
Easily adjustable for varying bottle sizes

CapDryer Features:
Effectively dries bottles ranging from 8 oz to 3 liters
12-24 nozzles providing multi-directional blow off
Built-in spray containment
Easy Installation
Stainless steel construction
Adjustment markings for ideal placement
Powered by a Paxton AT-series blower
Integral mounting arm included
Optional use empty bottle blow off also included

Mounting Arm Features:
Integral crank for effortless product change over
Horizontal (5″) and vertical (10″) adjustment
Locks in place after adjustment
Stainless steel construction
Bottle Blow Off Attachment Features:

Horizontal (1″) and vertical (9″) adjustment
Stainless steel construction
Thrust can be increased for heavier product