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ElmoRietschle S-Series

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Product Description

Wide Performance Range

Our VSA, VSB and VSI screw vacuum pumps achieve an ultimate vacuum of 29.91 in. HgV and can operate at any pressure between end vacuum and atmospheric pressure.
Capacities range from 59 to 1,500 cfm.

Rugged & Durable Design
In the pump housing, two parallel screw rotors, both timing gear synchronized, turn in opposite directions. Gas is compressed in the direction of the discharge port. Gearbox and mechanical seals are oil lubricated. Cooling is achieved through the continuous flow of coolant through the pump housing. Our S-Series screw pumps feature high vapor and liquid tolerance, are easy to service and have a long service life – the low rotational speed ensures low noise and low vibration operation.

Multiple Applications
Gardner Denver screw vacuum pumps are primarily used in applications across many different industries where clean, oil free vacuum is needed. They can also be combined with a vacuum booster in customized vacuum systems for very high suction capacities. The VSB range are to be found in many chemical and pharmaceutical processes. General industrial applications such as packaging, drying and coating or vacuum furnaces are best served by our VSI range of pumps.