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ElmoRietschle F-Series


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Product Description

Radial Pressure and Vacuum
Elmo Rietschle offers a wide range of single and multi-stage radial blowers for vacuum and pressure operation.
F-CEV multi-stage radial blowers
These blowers are available for suction (F-CEV-S) and pressure (F-CEV-D) mode and cover a wide range of industrial applications. F-CEVF versions include either a small dust collection canister or a large canister for the collection of plastic or paper trimmings.
F-RER and F-REL single stage radial blowers
These blowers come in a wide variety of sizes and can be used for both suction and pressure mode in many industrial processes where high volume flow at small differential pressures are needed. Variable frequency drives are available.
When it comes to installing these blowers, you will find that any position (left/right/vertical/horizontal) is possible. F-RER blowers are right turning, F-REL left turning for maximum flexibility in cases where space is essential (such as in central air cabinets).