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ElmoRietschle V-Series Oil-Less


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Nominal Pressure to 22 PSI
Airflow to 91 CFM
Vacuum to 25.5 inHg
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Product Description

Oil-less rotary vane vacuum pumps
The compact V-VTE vacuum pumps and V-DTE compressors are each available in four sizes. Low noise and reliability make this series an ideal choice for many OEM applications. Our medium size oil-less pumps are available in vacuum (V-VLT), pressure (V-DLT) and combination models (V-KLT). Design features of these include maximized cooling air pathways, heat resistant materials, sound reduction covers and relief valves.
Our largest group of oil-less rotary vane pumps also offers all operation types – vacuum (V-VTR), pressure (V-DTR) and combination models (V-KTR). Developed as continuous duty pumps for printing and paper handling machines, this new series is now used widely in many industrial applications.

Advantages at a glance
• Low noise level
• Easy to operate
• Dry running, environmentally friendly
• Process safe and reliable
• Robust and economical
• Many accessories
• Worldwide service
• Maintenance friendly