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RSD 800-3000 Series


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Energy Saving Refrigerated Dryers

800 – 3000 CFM Global Air Treatment

Presented with a goal to create a complete energy efficient compressed air treatment system, our engineers conceived and designed the RSD Series. This one package is able to provide you with maximum energy efficiency, clean dry oilfree air, and a single set of connections for easy installation. RSD Series Digital Scroll Refrigerated Air Dryers combine proven elements to your advantage for:
• Dew Point Stability: Unparalleled ISO Quality Class 4-5 dew point stability is maintained under all load conditions up to and including the full capacity rating
• Water & Particulate Removal: Grade B Filtration rated 3 micron is included as standard within our Moisture Separator to ensure 99% efficiency as a minimum
• Oil Removal: Optional, integral Grade E cold coalescing Filtration is available to provide air quality security with oil removal to 0.008 ppm

• Dew Point Stability: 38° F from 0 –100% of rated flow
• Energy Savings: up to 91% power reduction
• Simplicity: less moving parts for maximum reliability

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