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GHLD Series


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Product Description


Simple Energy Efficiency

Simply put, the less money you spend operating your business, the better. The design and componentry used in the GHLD equates to less energy consumed by your dryer, which equates to a lower spend
on electricity. The next two pages break down the quality components of the GHLD and how they help reduce energy consumption. Before we dive into the components, let’s take a look at purge air and pressure drop.



  • Flows from 25 to 2,250 CFM
  • NEMA12 standard with NEMA 4(watertight), NEMA 4X (stainless steel watertight) and NEMA 7 (class 1, division 1) options available
  • All-pneumatic control package available—no electricity required Pressure, dewpoint, instrumentation, alarm and many more options available
  • 2-year standard warranty