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GD HeliFlow®

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Nominal Pressure to 18 PSIG
Airflow to 4,500 CFM
Vacuum to 17 inHg


Industrial Series

HeliFlow® Industrial Series
GD HeliFlow Positive Displacement Blowers and Vacuum Pumps
Watch Out for the Quiet Ones
Most of the noise a blower generates comes from discharge pulsation. The HeliFlow series uses a proprietary helical rotor profile to significantly reduce pulsations and discharge noise levels. This rotor design coordinates with other unique innovations such as helical alloy steel timing gears and triangular tuned ports, helps to reduce noise by up to 4-7 dBA compared to similarly-sized blowers doing the same work.
Precise and Sturdy
Many of the same design choices that make the HeliFlow so quiet also mean vast improvements in blower durability. The HeliFlow’s smooth pulse operation not only reduces the amount of noise it makes, it’s also easier on the bearings and downstream instrumentation. The helical gears and triangular ports together quiet the blower’s work and provide smoother operation to improve reliability.

These design choices are supported by a rugged, simple construction. All components of the blower are contained within a single cylinder. The body of this cylinder has external fins built into it for heat dissipation and structural integrity. The shafts and roller bearings are purposefully oversized to maximize their load-bearing and ensure they last. HeliFlows also have dual splash lubrication functionality, which helps every component run smoothly.

Finally, every HeliFlow blower is manufactured under strict ISO 9001 quality standards and tested to make sure it meets high performance standards. That means any HeliFlow you purchase has been proven to function effectively and designed to last.
A Model of Efficiency
You may have already guessed, but smooth operation + long lasting durability = a significant improvement in your blower’s efficiency. When your blower can do more work and run longer without breaking down, overheating, or warping, you save money! Precisely timed automaton combined with a comprehensive lube delivery system, means you don’t have to perform maintenance as regularly, saving you Money and Time. The HeliFlow’s helical rotors and gears allow you to produce pressure up to 15 psig, vacuum up to 17 inHg, and airflow up to 3200 cfm while using less power and making less noise than other blowers of its size, saving you money, time, and sanity.

All told, installing a HeliFlow industrial blower will help you make your business safer, quieter, and more efficient all at once.