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Nominal Pressure to 15 PSIG
Airflow to 4,300 CFM
Vacuum to 16 inHg


Soild Bi-Lobe Industrial Blower Built for Depending On
The DuroFlow Industrial Series has seen heavy, constant use in industrial businesses all over the country for over 50 years. During those years, the DuroFlow has proven time and time again that it has what it takes to deliver high-quality, efficient performance in whatever capacity you would require. Simply put – if you’re looking for a blower that will do what you need and run a long time, you can’t go wrong with the DuroFlow.

The DuroFlow incorporates several ingenious design choices to reduce power use and maximize blower efficiency. First, the DuroFlow’s rotors are designed with innovative serrated tips. These new tips reduce the power consumption required to make the rotors operate. In addition to the tips, DuroFlow rotors are precisely engineered using CNC milling technology to achieve the tightest possible clearance between rotors.

When the internal compartment is manufactured, integral “ribs” are built into the design. These ribs improve heat dissipation, which lets the machine operate longer safely. The DuroFlow’s system also includes dual splash lubrication which keeps the internal mechanisms operating at maximum efficiency without breaking down, and ensure you’ll have to do routine maintenance less frequently. Each of these innovations, along with the demanding tests each unit is subject to during manufacturing, ensure that the DuroFlow remains a durable and reliable leader in severe duty applications.
The DuroFlow is designed to last literally from the bottom up. First, the whole system is contained in a single, heavy-duty reinforced cast iron cylinder for strength and rigidity. Special attention is paid to seal design, to ensure maximum seal life and to prevent possible leaks. The DuroFlow’s bearings are purposefully oversized to fix the rotor positions and support each shaft as much as possible. Instead of typical hollow rotors, the DuroFlow uses solid rotors to prevent buildup of ingested material and to eliminate vibration, which can cause damage. The integral ribs built into the blower’s system prevent it from overheating easily as well as boosting performances. Even the gears that rotate the rotors are meticulously timed to ensure smooth operation. Everything about the DuroFlow is built to be used, and used a lot.
As you can tell from its efficiency and durability emphasis, the DuroFlow is built to be used. That design value extends to its reliability. The DuroFlow is meant to work for you in the capacity you need it to. That’s why it’s available in 29 sizes to suit your needs and budget. The DuroFlow model gets up to 4,000 cfm airflows, up to 15 psig, and can reach vacuum up to 16” Hg, so you shouldn’t have to worry that it can’t handle the job you need it for. Thanks to its vertical or horizontal mounting configuration, you can set up the DuroFlow virtually anywhere you need. The simple, intuitive design of the DuroFlow means that you can rely on it to perform well and for a long time.