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GD CycloBlower®

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Nominal Pressure to 20 PSIG
Airflow to 6,700 CFM
Vacuum to 17 inHg
Wet Vacuum to 24 inHg


CycloBlower Industrial Series
2 x 4 Helical Screw Industrial Rotary Blower
Results That Speak For Themselves
When industry leaders talk about the advantages of rotary screw blowers, they’re talking about the CycloBlower. As the original rotary screw blower, the CycloBlower Industrial series has been providing considerable quality, efficiency, and dependability improvements to industries like yours for over 60 years.
Designed For Efficiency
What gives the CycloBlower an edge over standard straight lobe blowers? The secret is its unique screw design. By replacing the straight lobe with a helical two-lobe main rotor and a four-flute gate rotor, the CycloBlower will achieve the same or even greater pressure and vacuum performance capabilities at a far lower break horse power (BHP) than would be possible from a straight lobe blower. That means the CycloBlower is able to produce airflow to 6,799 cfm, pressure up to 20 psig, and vacuum strength up to 17”Hg, all while consuming far less energy than a non-helical screw blower would be. More efficient operation means lower energy costs; lower energy costs means you save money! The CycloBlower is the efficiency leader among all positive displacement blowers for high pressure usage.