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KNW Series


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Product Description

Kobelco KNW Series
The Kobelco KNW Series assembly is designed and constructed to exacting quality standards. These standards result in assemblies with long operating life, minimum maintenance, and low operating costs.

Oil-Free, Risk Free
Kobelco KNW Series rotary screw compressors deliver 100% oil-free air for your critical applications. Oil-free air allows you to produce the highest quality products, lower your costs and protect your employees and the environment. Kobelco KNW Series compressors are the logical choice.

Proven Technology

Over 65 years of field experience in all industries has proven that KOBELCO KNW Series rotary screw design is the preferred choice for reliability, energy efficiency and serviceability.

Two-Stage Design

Heavy duty, two-stage compression module with thrust balancing for long bearing life in each stage. Designed, tested and manufactured in the USA. No other oil-free compressor manufacturer has made that commitment to the North American market.

Coated Rotors

ASTM 1144 steel rotors with exclusive PTFE coating on rotors and shafts for maximum efficiency and corrosion protection. Gears and bearings are lubricated by a unique motor driven oil pump that provides positive lubrication prior to start-up, through operation and after shutdown. This is an especially important feature for VFD models and not available on competitive offerings.

Unique Design Features

Key design features ensure long air end life. All features may not be available on competitive models.
Features Include:
• Non contact maintenance free air and oil seals
• Thrust balance compensation
• Cooling jackets
• Dual vents to atmosphere ensure oil-free air
• Vacuum degassed thrust and radial bearings
• Premium AGMA rated gears
• All models meet the requirements of NFPA 99 for use as
a medical air compressor