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EnviroAire T Series


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Product Description

EnviroAire T Series
Choose the EnviroAire T/TVS 100 to 300 HP oil-free two-stage fixed or variable speed rotary screw compressor to eliminate production risk with guaranteed 100% oil-free air.  Eliminate oil carryover with the oil-free compression process while the EnviroAire T/TVS series meets ISO 8573-1 Class O classification. Industries including electronics, pharmaceuticals, automotive, and others can rely on the silicone-free air system to eliminate contamination from product spoilage and avoid re-work and production downtime. You can trust that our systems are independently tested and certified to ensure the highest in air quality standards for use in pure-air critical applications.

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Cost Savings

Experience savings up to $35,000 a year thanks to a 20% or more reduction on operating costs. The reduction begins with the EnviroAire T/TVS series state-of-the-art design and function that ensures tight tolerances reducing loss. It then ends with rotors and housing that are covered in a unique hard coating to ensure long-lasting performance. You’ll see little or no performance decay even after 40,000 hours of operations in turn saving you thousands in utility expenses.

Energy Efficiency

Optimum performance is categorized by efficient two-stage airend design, a reliable cooling system with unique dedicated closed-loop cooling in either air-cooled or water-cooled design, high quality TEFC motors, up to 113°F (45°C) ambient capability, easy installation, and dedicated air inlet.

Create the perfect response to your individual air demand with a fixed or variable speed rotary screw compressor in the EnviroAire T/TVS series. The fixed speed option requires less of an upfront investment, but will eventually require more in energy, maintenance, and services costs over the life of your system. Choose to save easily 25% on energy costs with a variable speed compressor that supplies just the right amount of compressed air to do the job.

Individual Air Demand

The TVS series comes with superb flexibility when it comes to changing air demand. You’ll see reduced wear and tear on inlet and discharge valve components, no shock bearing loads for the airend, and minimized pulsating load (full load pressure/off load pressure) for all pressurized components within the compressor package.

Control System

Don’t forget about the state-of-the-art control that comes from the “GD Pilot TS”. With the 5.7” high resolution touch screen display, functions are clearly structured in the five main menus and are extremely visual for the user. Display detailed system analysis in the form of trend diagrams and graphs while operating parameters are precisely set to maximize efficiency.

Let our GD specialist know if we can help you pick the EnviroAire T75-315 or TVS110-315 that’s right for your application.