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VS Series


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Product Description

VS25–250 (34–335 HP)

Designed to meet all your variable compressed air demands, the VS Series can also save you up to 25% of your yearly energy savings. With your energy savings, it can save you thousands of dollars each year!
Designed for
Variable Air Demand

Variable speed compressors from Gardner Denver can efficiently and reliably handle varying air demand. The right variable speed compressor in the right
application delivers significant energy savings and a stable air supply at constant pressure.
Efficient at full load, part load and no load conditions, the VS Series features expertly designed airends and rotor profiles that offer industry leading turndown and performance. We partnered with an industry leader to develop a motor/drive/airend combination that ensures optimum energy efficiency and turndown capability. With several models to choose from, you can better match your needs to a specific compressor and get the best value for your application.

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Smarter Design

The VS Series doesn’t just produce high-quality air; it will give your business confidence in your air compressor for numerous years to come. Your compressor comes standard with various things, one of them being a year warranty; but, for your complete assurance, we offer a Platinum 10-year warranty. Features that come standard are air and water cooled system, a direct drive, an integrated oil filter, TEAO 3600 rpm motor, it’s quiet enclosed, and an IP54 electrical enclosure. You can purchase the VS Series with voltage options of 200/230/460/575V 3 phase, 60Hz, and an optional integrated dryer. It uses an AirSmart controller that has the capability to “soft” start, this allows the motor to start against a pressurized system at any time and will do so as often it’s required by the system.

As time goes on people are becoming more and more conscious about their energy usage. The VS Series is much more energy efficient than a fixed speed compressor because when the air is not needed, it will stop running and doesn’t vent to the atmosphere which eliminates any waste of compressed air in the reservoir. You’ll enjoy its capabilities to run efficiently at full load, part load, and no load conditions.