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LRS Series 50 HZ


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Product Description

When you’re running a business, you worry about your cost levels, but with the LRS-Series you won’t ever have to worry! When you’re picking a compressor, you don’t want high installation costs, but want elevated levels of flexibility when determining where to put it. With the LRS-Series you will receive all the benefits you want from your next or even your first compressor with zero downsides, thanks to our elite 10-year Platinum warranty.

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With an air compressor, you want it to be quiet; there has never been this amount of time put towards the design and mechanisms that you have now learned to expect. Gardner Denver created the LRS-Series to not only meet your demands but to exceed them! This compressor has nearly silent noise levels to be practically undetectable and is made of high-quality products to achieve this. The LRS unit has direct drive and is belt driven giving you superior efficiency from a variable speed compressor.

Cost Savings

The largest component of a compressor during its lifetime is the power required to operate it. Maximum efficiency at any level of demand cuts energy costs and saves you money. The LRS-Series compressor packages feature some of the smallest footprints in the industry. When your compressor has a small footprint, you will have cost savings.

Each unit comes standard as air-cooled, but you have the option for water cooling from 55 to 132kW. Other features that come standard are a GD pilot controller, robust inverter drives, and 3600 TEFC motors and quiet enclosures. Gardner Denver’s variable speed compressors can efficiently and reliably handle your varying air demand.