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Product Description

The Electra-Screw Series compressors are a quiet choice for an industrial sized unit. Gardner Denver’s products are elite and efficient, but also have the accessibility to be easily serviceable if necessary. They have the patented Kypho rotor profile and long-life cylindrical and tapered roller bearings, the Electra-Screw cam give you the high quality compressed air that your business needs.

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Optional Customization

We understand that some businesses require higher levels of efficiency and volume levels, that is why we offer optional additions to your Electra-Screw compressors unit. You can have an enclosed/quiet enclosed case to minimize the sound that the compressor makes, a wye-delta starter, and an optional TEFC main motor. As always you can purchase an additional warranty package, we offer a Platinum 10-year warranty to help give you trust for your investment.


All Electra-Screw Series compressors come standard with the Electra-Screw microprocessor controller. The Electra-Screw microprocessor controller is the most powerful compressor control design on the market. Another component that comes standard that helps us stand out from other air compressors on the market is our AirSmart controller, it’s known for being easy to operate and is an industry leader for self-diagnostic, protective shutdown, service advisory and fully text digital display capabilities. An Electra-Screw Series compressor has many features that include a belt drive, oil flooded, single stage rotary screw air compressor, AEON 9000SP lubricant, air and water-cooled, CRN and ASME rated aftercooler, CSA labeled and approved electrical controls and wiring, modulating inlet valve control, moisture separator, mounted and wired full voltage starter, NEMA 4 electrical enclosure, ODP main motor, spin-on air/oil separator, thermostatic thermal mixing valve, UL/cUL labeled electronics-including control panel (UL 508A), and voltages of 200/230/460/575V. There is a minimal up-front investment and lifecycle to best cater to your company’s budget!