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Power Generation

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Condenser Air Removal & Exhaustion

Fossil fuel and nuclear power plants use two-stage liquid ring vacumm pumps and ejector systems to remove air and non-condensble gasses from the steam space of condensers, maintaing condenser back pressure to operate at maximum efficiency and heat rate.


Blowers and vacuum pumps, liquid ring vauums pumps and compressors, steam jet ejectors, engineered systems


Condenser exhausting, condenser initial evacuation (hogging), turbine gland exhausting

Air and Gas Handling

Today’s power stations use flow control systems to remove waste from process fluids and regulate operating temperatures, helping plants run continuosly, more efficiently and with maximum power availability.


Liquid ring vacumm pumps and compressors, steam jet ejectors, engineered systems, blowers and vacuum pumps


Vacuum deaeration, water box priming, geothermal gas removal, bed combustion fluidization, flue gas desulfurization

Air and Gas Handling Power Industries Image