Models: AR, CR

Range: 8.5-5310

Tailored to perform non-stop in a wide variety of environments, Atlas Copco’s piston compressors are the premium OEM air solution. What is more, our dedicated European Piston Competence Center allows us to maintain a collaborative relationship with our OEM customers, working on both current projects and long term solutions.


It all starts with what we know best: our core piston technology and the proven reliability of our LFx, LE, LT and LF. Next, we optimize their performance within your original equipment by developing a tailored solution together. Our working relationship extends beyond yes/ no answers to basic choices such as belt or direct driven, extreme temperatures, clean or harsh environments, single units or custom duplex built, … The customization possibilities are almost endless.


Atlas Copco introduced the first piston compressor in 1904. Since then, we have continuously advanced the technology, most recently with the introduction of our oil-free and high-pressure series. Today, Atlas Copco piston compressors offer you the powerful combination of reliability, flexibility and low operating costs.


  • Reliability
  • Flexibility
  • Low Operating Cost
  • Energy Saving
  • Quality Air
  • Quiet


Models: SF

Range: 7.2-21 CFM

With its state-of-the-art oil-free compressor technologies such as screw, tooth, centrifugal, reciprocating and scroll, Atlas Copco provides the right solutions for your specific needs. As oil-free compressed air is a prerequisite for many manufacturing processes, we ensure consistent oil-free air by preventing oil from entering your compressed air system.

The SF and SF+ ranges of oil-free scroll air compressors unite Atlas Copco’s vast experience and knowledge in a class-leading package. Whereas the SF range includes a standard pneumatic controller, the SF+ range boasts the high-end Elektronikon® controller. Reliable and compact, they both answer your demands through innovative technologies and supreme energy efficiency without compromising on quality.


Air compression is achieved by the interaction of a fixed and orbiting scroll. Air at inlet pressure enters the compression chamber at the exterior side of the scroll element. Once air is drawn in, the orbiting scroll seals off the inlet port. As the scroll continues to orbit, the air is progressively compressed into an increasingly smaller ‘pocket’. A continuous flow of compressed air leaves the scroll element through a discharge port in the center of the fixed scroll. This process is continuously repeated, resulting in the delivery of pulse-free compressed air.


  • Pure Oil-Free Air
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Extreme Low Noise Level
  • Simplicity and Reliability
  • Proven Peace of Mind
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