Petroleum & Gas

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Extraction (Offshore)

Flow control solutions make the oil platform more reliable by safely handling toxic flare gases and deaerating injections water, helping to prevent costly corrosion.


Liquid ring vacuum pumps and compressors, engineered systems


Seawater deaeration, flare gas compression


High-quality loading and storage systems help to keep terminals and storage secure, improve worker safety and safegaurd valuable oil and gas resources.


Liquid ring vacuum pumps and compressors, engineered systems, top loading arms, bottom loading arms, marine loading arms, specialty loading arms, API couplers, dry-break couplers


Crude oil stabilization

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Cool-running liquid ring technologies offer refineries the safest method to handle dirty gases and unpredictable streams that change with the process variables.


Liquid ring vacuum pumps and compressors


Vacuum crude distillation, delayed coker, solvent dewaxing, hydrotreater, flare gas compression, sulfer recovery, submerged combustion vapors, carbon black manufacturing, vinyl chloride monomer recovery, hydrogen compression, solvent recovery, polymerization reactor

Marine Loading and Unloading

Specially engineered loading and safety mechanisms enables marine vessels to transfer crude oil and liquid gas products faster and more efficiently.


Marine loading arms, emergency release systems


Hazardous cargo, bulk fluids

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Coiled Tube Drilling

High-preasure compressors, typically mounted and installed as a part of a mobile unit, inject a mixture of “soups” to fluidize the well bed, remove debris and allow the oil to flow more freely.


High pressure compressors


Revitalizing oil wells