Multistage Air Blowers

Models: ZM

Range: 100-40,000 CFM

Atlas Copco’s ZM oil-free multistage centrifugal blowers are working successfully in thousands of installations around the world. These reliable blowers are ideal for applications ranging from air to gas and pressure to vacuum. The ZM can be equipped with all the necessary accessories such as motor, valves, filters and skid as well as local or networked control panels to ensure a complete working system. Ask our group to find a ZM blower system to meet your exact requirements.


ZM oil-free multistage centrifugal blowers were developed using the most advanced technology available. Tools including 3D Modeling, Computational Fluid Dynamics and Finite Element Analysis were used at the design stage to pinpoint areas where we make improvements. The resulting modern and innovative design allows for increased efficiency, while the wide product range and configuration options ensure we can offer the best solution possible to meet your needs.


The ZM blowers have earned the reputation of being “the most reliable blowers” in the industry. Even so, we still work to continually enhance the reliability of the ZM product line. In order to do this, we have made significant investments in the best people, facilities and equipment in the industry. Our commitment to Research and Development, Quality Control, and Product Testing, is driven by our desire to offer our customers the reliability they require in a variety of air and gas as well as pressure and vacuum applications.


  • Protecting electrical cubicle
  • Compact and low heat rejection frequency drive
  • Magnetic bearing controller
  • Minimum internal temperature with heatsink cooling fan
  • Integrated blow-off silencer
  • Actuated modulating blow-off valve
  • High-efficiency process air filters
  • Separated process air inlet


Models: ZL

Range: 30-4,700 CFM

Whether it is for pneumatic conveying of granulates or powders, liquid homogenizing, aeration and filter flushing in water treatment plants, air supply to furnaces, drying of yarn or process air in chemical plants, the ZL series offers reliable, uninterrupted operation around the clock.


The Atlas Copco ZL is a low noise, low vibration and low pulsation blower that comes in a complete, ready-to-run package. Because of the total separation of element and oil system, the ZL blower delivers top quality oil-free air; the risk of product contamination or environmental pollution is non-existent by design.

The tri-lobe concept and the pre-filling canals ensure low pulsation air, a prolonged lifetime of rotating components, reduced noise and vibration levels and improved energy efficiency.


In the ZL blower element, two tri-lobe rotors turn inside an oval shaped casing. The motor transmits its power to the driving lobe, which in turn drives the driven lobe via timing gears. Hence, both rotors turn at the same speed, in opposite directions. The rotors maintain a high precision clearance between each other and the wall of the casing. As a result, no internal lubrication is required and air remains 100% oil-free.


  • Pulsation-free air
  • Low noise
  • Inlet silencer
  • Superior element design
  • Integral outlet silencer
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