Models: NGP, NGM

Range: 2-1556 FND SCFM

Whether your company is specialized in chemical manufacturing, electronics, laser cutting or food and beverage, a dependable supply of industrial gas is crucial. Compared to the on-demand delivery of gas bottles or tanks, on-site production of gas offers a wealth of advantages ranging from cost savings to continuous availability. Atlas Copco’s advanced nitrogen generators offer you the ultimate solution: flexible on-site production of nitrogen at the lowest possible cost.


Atlas Copco’s NGP/NGP+ nitrogen generators use Pressure Swing Adsorption technology to isolate nitrogen molecules from other molecules in compressed air. Oxygen, CO2, water vapor and other gases are adsorbed. The result is virtually pure nitrogen at the
outlet of the generator. The NGP/NGP+ Series is a very cost-efficient source of nitrogen used in various industries like food and beverage, metal processing, electronics, and many others.


Monitor your equipment over the ethernet with the Elektronikon® unit controller. Monitoring features include warning indications, equipment shut-down and maintenance scheduling. An Atlas Copco App is available for iPhone/Android phones as well as iPad and Android tablets. It allows fingertip monitoring of your compressed air system through your own secured network. 


  • High flow capacity
  • Cost savings
  • Ready to use
  • Exceptional reliability
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