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A Series


The A-Series reputation has been built on quality, reliability and accessibility to all components.
The Champion APL and APO are single stage, two cylinder, pressure lubricated compressors equipped with a two-groove, 17 inch sheave for belt driven applications. The APL and APO have an integrated cooling fan built into the cast iron sheave for maximum cooling.
The Champion ATLE6 is a single stage, two cylinder, pressure lubricated compressor that is equipped with an SAE#3 bell housing flange for direct engine mounting and remote site operation.
Wherever there’s a demand for a low pressure engine driven compressor,
the ATLE6 is the compressor for the job. Because it is direct coupled to the engine, there is no need to worry about belts slipping or wearing out. When connected to the engine, all rotating components are totally enclosed and protected from the environment.
The AVLEK is a single stage vacuum pump, AVLAN is a single stage booster and the AVLAV is a two-stage compressor. All
A-Series compressors are designed to provide optimum performance in a wide variety of operations.
The ANP is ideal for natural gas gathering applications and is available in both single- and two-stage models.