Recent Projects


  • VST225, 225 kW nominal, Two Stage Variable Speed Drive Compressor being unloaded at a Styrofoam Packaging Manufacturer.


  • Gardner Denver Cyclo Blower with VFD & Aftercooler at a Water Reclamation Site.


  • Three Sequenced 30 HP Rotary Screw System at a Spaceship Manufacturer


  • Belliss Morcom P.E.T. install complete

  • 150 HP Rotary Screw Methane Gas Compressor 


    Upgrade Geothermal Power Plant Compressed Air System to Instrument Air Quality 

  • 50HP Rotary Screw Bio-Gas Compressor Package

  • 500HP Rotary Screw, Variable Displacement,  Helium Compressor Package

  • 75HP, Variable Displacement, VFD,  Rotary Screw Bio Gas Compressor Packages