"RHC" Series - High Capacity

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2,000 - 20,000 SCFM Flow

Compressed air represents a significant portion of a facilities' energy bill. The RHC Series of High Capacity Refrigerated Air Dryers from GARDNER DENVER offers plant engineers two unique opportunities to improve the bottom line. Specify a dryer for your facility with a 1 PSIG pressure drop and one which uses semi-hermetic refrigeration compressors with unloading capabilities under partial load.

Traditionally a 5 PSIG pressure drop across a refrigerated dryer which delivers a 38 degree F pressure dew point has been the standard specification. The RHC Series from GARDNER DENVER can offer a 1 PSIG pressure drop. By reducing this artificial demand on the air compressors the compressor controls can reduce the air compressor power input costs.

Select rugged and dependable semi-hermetic refrigeration compressor with unloading capabilities which save energy under partial loads, savings of up to 83% are possible in compressor input power.


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