CompAir / Reavell

About Us

As a Gardner Denver company, we provide high performance and reduced operating cost compression technology and ancillaries to a global customer base.

Our philosophy

Reavell is a 21st century organisation focused on delivering reciprocating compression technology. We base our thinking and actions on respect for our unique heritage and passion for our global brand and technology leadership. Our team is professional, customer-focused and class leading to ensure that you are equipped with exactly the right high pressure solution.

Our experience

Reavell engineering teams have been at the forefront of high compression systems for over a century. Combining class-leading technology leadership with a unique pedigree, our systems prove to be the solution of choice.

Our history

Reavell was founded over a century ago on the 11 June 1898 as Reavell & Co Ltd. Engineers. Founded by Sir William Reavell on Ranelagh Road in Ipswich, the organisation specialised in steam engines and quadruplex compressors. Valued by engineering organisations and institutions for its durability and quality, Reavell compressors were used during the construction of the London Underground, the infancy stages of submarine warfare and the starting of diesel engines on British battleships and transatlantic ocean liners.

During the next decades Reavell equipment became increasingly popular across the world, leading the way in the usage of Compressed Natural Gas as a fuel source, while establishing Reavell quality as the unchallenged global benchmark for Heliox deep sea breathing applications.

Our future

As an integral part of Gardner Denver, Reavell is still based in Ipswich, albeit in a brand new Technology Centre, with over 100,000 sq ft of manufacturing and office space. It has spent the last century dedicated to engineering excellence with complete commitment to total systems solutions.

Combining state-of-the-art product development, a unique testing facility and streamlined assembly with the industry’s leading refurbishment capability, Reavell’s HQ is the envy of the sector.