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Does Your Air System Check Out?

It's a fact that compressed air is not free. On average, compressed air and vacuum systems are the 3rd highest user of electricity in most industrial plants today. In some facilities, compressed air systems can represent up to 50% of a plant's entire energy bill.

Identifying this demand, analyzing waste and making sound engineering decisions, can result in drastic reductions of your over-all power and maintenance costs. In most cases, a 20 to 60% reduction in energy costs can be achieved as the result of a complete system audit. And the initial costs of the audit can be recovered in reflected energy savings in as little as 2 to 6 months.

An independent air audit program begins with a complete overview and analysis of your plant's existing air & vacuum systems. The audit will identify faulty or malfunctioning components and check true output readings for pressure, temperature and volume in SCFM, and measure electrical usage in both load and unload situations. We also utilize the latest in ultrasonic scoping technology to check for system leaks that alone can cost $1,000's of dollars a year in wasted electricity. System components, delivery systems, piping, storage, supply and demand are all evaluated and the audit completed with a clear concise written report presented indicating specific recommendations to improve efficiency.

The results; maximum system performance, increased productivity and lower over all operating costs.

To learn more about the benefits an independent air audit can offer your company call (800) 438-5577.

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