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It’s a “Legend” for a Reason

An Industry Standard

The Sutorbilt model of industrial strength positive displacement blower has been around for over 75 years. From its first year to now, it has set the industry standard for efficiency, reliability, and durability. The Sutorbilt is still the most commonly used blower in the business, and it’s easy to see why: not only can this versatile blower handle any kind of work environment or workload, with 75 years of experience, the overwhelming chances are that it has

The Right Options For You

The Sutorbilt series is unique in that there’s a type and size of blower for every kind of business imaginable. There are four different styles of this blower: 

  • The “Legend”
  • The “DSL Legend”
  • The 4500
  • The 8000
  • Over 240 configuration options

You can choose the exact specifications you want and get exactly the machine you need. The 4500 is rated for pressure to 15 psig, vacuum to 16” Hg, and can discharge temperatures up to 325 degrees. From there, the 8500 and Legend varieties can do even more. Whichever model you choose, each Sutorbilt is rated for heavy, sustained long-term use. That means not only do you get exactly what you need, you get it for a long time. The Sutorbilt’s versatility means it could be the perfect choice for five people working out of a garage or 5000 people working out of a factory.   

No Nonsense

The Sutorbilt model is built to last with minimal maintenance or fuss. Each Sutorbilt blower is produced from high strength materials, precision engineered from a single cast of high tensile iron, and equipped with heavy duty bearings. In addition, Sutorbilts are equipped with centrally timed gears, venting and fan systems to prevent overheating, and even dual splash lubrication. There are even options for quiet running, so you’ll barely hear the blower even as it operates during operation. 

Sutorbilts are famous for their ease of use. Thanks to the simple and intuitive design, it’s easy to learn how to operate and understand. It’s central gear timing mechanism and multi-side grips mean it can be easily installed vertically or horizontally. Most Sutorbilts that are properly maintained only need to be serviced about every 4,000 hours, or every 6,000 hours if you use the AEON XD oil. In summary: you get a blower that does the work, is easy to use, has everything you need, and doesn’t need a lot of maintenance to work properly.

Expertly Designed and Engineered

Every Sutorbilt model is manufactured to the highly-exacting ISO 9001 quality standards. Once constructed, they are put through further tests to meet high performance requirements. Once they’ve passed both the quality standard and the operational tests, they are marked to be sold.

The end result of all this careful designing, manufacturing, and testing is that you get a blower that’s built specifically not to cause you problems. Choosing a Sutorbilt means choosing a machine that works well when you need it to--all the time.

  • Lobe
  • Airflow to 14,000 cfm
  • Pressure to 20 psig
  • Line of PD Blowers with over 60 years of proven results
  • Legend® line available with dual splash lubrication
  • Legend® and 4500 Series available
  • Available with mechanical seals
  • Vacuum to 16" Hg