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What You Need, When You Need It

If your equipment suddenly breaks down, you might not have time to shop around and wait for a factory-new blower to be delivered and installed. You might need another blower you can depend on right away! Maybe it’s simply impractical for you to invest in another brand new blower at this point. In cases like these, Accurate Air Engineering and Gardner Denver offer a highly practical alternative: Factory Remanufactured Units. Call us the minute your equipment breaks down, and we can deliver and install a remanufactured and fully operational CycloBlower®, DuroFlow®, Sutorbilt®, Legendtm, or 4500 Series blower, so you can get back to work.

Available Immediately 

Accurate Air Engineering’s partner Gardner Denver, keeps one of their facilities dedicated solely to the remanufacturing of their previously used units. That means they don’t have to worry about keeping up with manufacturing deadlines, selling new units, or servicing clients with repair and new parts. This facility does nothing except assemble blowers, so the moment you need a replacement, they have one ready for you.

This facility maintains readily available stock for most of Gardner Denver’s products. Once we’ve arrived with your replacement, our specialists will install it quickly and effectively, and can happily assist with any questions you may have. We’ll even take your old blower and reimburse part of your cost through Gardner Denver’s core exchange program.” 

Guaranteed Excellence

Before we deliver and install your remanufactured blower, we make sure every component is thoroughly cleaned, inspected, and tested for usability. Gardner Denver measures all re-manufactures using the latest portable coordinate measuring machines to make sure that the remanufactured blower is operating at its best.

In addition to the remanufacturing and pre-installation tests, Gardner Denver products receive a complete overhaul during the remanufacturing itself. After it is rebuilt, all blowers are held to the same high industry standard as a new blower would be. If the remanufactured blower cannot demonstrably perform the same work at the same level as a new product, it is considered unfit for sale. 

Once a blower has been assembled, passed all tests and inspections, and has been effectively installed in your business, Accurate Air Engineering and Gardner Denver offer a full warranty on all remanufactured blowers for 12 months from the date of installation or 18 months from the date of shipment. That means, even if we somehow missed something and your remanufactured blower doesn’t operate to your highest expectations, we can make it right at no further charge to you.

Just because you’re not interested in a new blower doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have the highest expectations for your replacement. When you choose a remanufactured unit from Accurate Air Engineering, we ensure that we meet and exceed those expectations. Next time you need equipment fast, don’t hesitate--call us right away! 

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