Positive Displacement Blowers

Accurate Air Engineering, Inc offers companies in California with a wide range of industrial blower solutions. We represent one of the world's largest manufacturers of positive displacement and centrifugal blowers, exhausters and vacuum pumps, industrial vacuum systems, blower control and monitoring systems and engineered packaged solutions all backed by extensive local and factory aftermarket products and service support.

Gardner Denver® Blower Solutions serve customers worldwide in numerous air and gas applications such as wastewater treatment, dry and chemical bulk hauling, landfill and digester gas, pneumatic conveying, industrial vacuum systems, commercial carpet cleaning, combustion and process air and many more. Their product lines represent a proven history and reputation for quality, dependability and performance.

Gardner Denver Blowers

Gardner Denver® is a leading manufacturer of an extensive line of positive displacement blower and vacuum pump technologies to match the specific requirements of a wide range of air and gas applications. Each of the five positive displacement technologies available deliver constant air or gas, up to 14,000 cfm (23,800 m3/h) at varying pressure to 36 psig (2.5 bar) or vacuum to 28" Hg (950 mbar). A complete offering of factory packaged solutions, accessories, genuine parts, lubricants and services are available.

Types of Blowers & Accessories Available: