Kobelco KNW Series Oil Free Compressors

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High Quality, Quiet and Well-Designed

The Kobelco KNW Series oil-free rotary screw air compressor is designed, manufactured, assembled, and tested in the United States and is delivered ready for operation. The two-stage rotary screw compressor provides completely oil-free air because no oil is allowed in the compression chambers.

Both compression stages employ a new patented Super Rotor design, which is acknowledged to be the most efficient, two-stage, oil-free rotary screw air compressor on the market. This new asymmetric rotor profile, provides the lowest power consumption per cubic foot of compressed air.

The efficiency is further enhanced by a unique load/unload control system that is simple and trouble free.

The compressor air-end is a heavy-duty, two-stage design with each stage driven by a common gear. These components are arranged in a single modular design to form a compact unit which is mounted on vibration isolators to a structural steel base. No special foundation considerations are required.

Simple and Efficient with High Reliability

Precision machined timing gears are mounted on each rotor shaft to maintain accurate clearances between the rotors. The bearings are anti-friction type for long life and smooth operation. The electric motor is directly coupled to the input drive shaft through a flexible coupling.

Axial thrust is reduced by incorporating an air pressure operated thrust balance piston on each stage. This arrangement minimizes thrust loading thus increasing bearing life.

The state-of-the-art programmable logic controller maximizes operating efficiency and versatility.  Kobelco’s sound attenuated enclosure assures quiet operation. Doors are hinged and pinned allowing easy removal for inspection and maintenance.

Installation and Start-Up Supervision

A factory trained field representative will supervise installation and start-up. This same representative will also train your maintenance personnel in the operation and maintenance of the assembly. Our commitment is to provide a trouble free, reliable installation of which we can both be proud.