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Three Factory-Direct Gardner Denver Blower Packages Designed to Accommodate Your Specific Needs

When you buy a blower package installation from us, you get two things:

  1. You get a top-of-the-line Gardner Denver Blower Package direct from the factory, ready to be installed so you can start to see immediate efficiency and maintenance benefits.
  2. The experts at Accurate Air Engineering will unpack, install, and instruct you on how to use your blower, so you know that by the time we leave, you’ll have everything you need to get the most out of your new equipment. By offering three different blower packages, each with their own specializations and uses, we ensure that your business gets exactly what it needs at a price that works for you.

Twisted Tri-Lobe Blower Package

Available from 7.5 to 100 horsepower, the twisted tri-lobe blower uses Gardner Denver’s proprietary tri-lobe rotors to do all the work of a positive industrial blower with much more efficiency and durability than a conventional blower of the same size.

This package also includes the Airsmart controller, which provides smart digital monitoring of the entire blower’s system. With the Airsmart, you can monitor oil levels, machine noise, individual part strain, system heat, and many other functions remotely. The Airsmart will send you a notice should anything go wrong with your blower and can even shut down the system in case of a critical breakdown, preventing further damage. With the Airsmart, maintenance costs can be reduced by up to 30% and machine downtime could be reduced by up to 45%! With the Tri-Lobe package, you get the best blower in the industry with the best installation and the best maintenance program.

Straight Tri-Lobe Blower Package--IQ-RB

With the straight tri-lobe package, you get a simple, straight-forward blower that works and will last a long time. Built for efficiency and durability, the straight tri-lobe combines fixed speed inverter duty motors with automatic belt tensioning and double sound insulation panels, all in a compact design meant to reduce the amount of space the blower takes up. The Tri-Lobe even includes dual splash lubrication which allows it to go longer without routine maintenance and helps parts last longer. All this makes it tough, quiet, simple to repair and maintain, easy to use, and reliable. 

Rated for 100,000 hours of life, and engineered specifically so that it requires only the simplest of maintenance, the straight Tri-Lobe is the perfect blower system for small businesses in virtually any industry or profession.

Helical Screw Blower Package--IQ HE

The helical screw package is engineered with the goal of reducing energy consumption as much as possible without sacrificing performance. This blower provides maximum capacities and high capabilities along with a patented 3 x 5 helical screw rotor design that will reduce energy consumption immediately. This package comes equipped with food grade PTFE coating as well as high and low pressure options meant to accommodate specific applications. The IQ HE’s rotors are designed to reduce the number of revolutions, saving up to 30% on your energy bills.

Like most other Gardner Denver packages, the IQ HE was also designed for ease of use and maintenance. This all means that when you choose the IQ HE for your food business, or any other applicable industry profession, you get a highly efficient, effective blower that saves you money and time. 

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