Air Compressor Inline Filters > Filtration

Filtration comes in various grades depending on what is to be filtered out, and where in your compressed air system the filter is to be placed. The following are general filtration guidelines that should be followed to ensure clean, dry air downstream from your compressor system.

  1. Water Separator – Should be installed after the compressor's aftercooler (or a stand alone aftercooler if your system has one).
  2. Separator/Filter – Can be used in place of a Water Separator (described above) or as a prefilter to a refrigerated air dryer.
  3. General Purpose Filter – Typically a 1 micron particulate prefilter for refrigerated air dryers and high efficiency oil removing filters.
  4. Dry Particulate Filter – A dry, solid particulate afterfilter for heatless desiccant dryers (to catch any desiccant particles from traveling downstream of the dryer).
  5. High Efficiency Oil Removal Filter – Can be a prefilter to desiccant and membrane dryers, or an afterfilter for refrigerated air dryers. Also works wells as a stand-alone filter for oil removal at the point-of-use of compressed air.
  6. Maximum Efficiency Oil Removal Filter – Can be used as a prefilter, in conjunction with a general purpose filter, for desiccant and membrane dryers as well as for oil-free air applications (note: oil-free is not the same as oil-less).
  7. Oil Vapor Removal Filter – Used as an afterfilter to a high efficiency liquid oil removal filter for true oil-free applications.