Electra Saver Series

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Electra-Saver 50 HP

Larger air ends (up to 41% larger), slower speeds, "super-sized" bearings and patented TurnValve technology have made GARDNER DENVER's Electra-Saver ® Variable Displacement Compressors some of the most energy efficient machines available today. The only reason to make a compressor air end small and turn it at high speeds is to minimize cost. If maximum energy efficiency is desired, the air end should be large and run at slow speeds.

The genius of the TurnValve is that the air end only compresses the volume of air required to meet demand for compressed air at the necessary pressure without altering the fixed compression ration of the air end at partial load conditions. The TurnValve displaced inlet throttling technology as the most efficient means of compressor capacity control and eliminated wide pressure fluctuations and massive storage requirements professed by alternative capacity control methodologies.