Electra Saver II Series

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Electra-Saver II 60-100 HP

We know that GARDNER DENVER's Electra-Saver II ® rotary screw air compressor will cost more to purchase than other brands. That's because GARDNER DENVER compressors are designed to be the low cost provider of air over the product's life when all costs, energy, maintenance, repair and purchase price, are considered. Since the design objective is lowest total cost, energy efficiency, reliability and long-term durability are given paramount consideration.

Consider these facts. The cost of compressed air over a five year period breaks out as follows; 8% of the five year cost represents the purchase cost of the machine, 6 % for service, repair and maintenance cost, and the remaining 86% for energy. Take a look at the Electra-Saver II and you will agree that its incremental purchase cost is easily justified by lower total operating costs.