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2 x 4 Helical Screw Industrial Rotary Blower

Results That Speak For Themselves

When industry leaders talk about the advantages of rotary screw blowers, they’re talking about the CycloBlower. As the original rotary screw blower, the CycloBlower Industrial series has been providing considerable quality, efficiency, and dependability improvements to industries like yours for over 60 years.

Designed For Efficiency

What gives the CycloBlower an edge over standard straight lobe blowers? The secret is its unique screw design. By replacing the straight lobe with a helical two-lobe main rotor and a four-flute gate rotor, the CycloBlower will achieve the same or even greater pressure and vacuum performance capabilities at a far lower break horse power (BHP) than would be possible from a straight lobe blower. That means the CycloBlower is able to produce airflow to 6,799 cfm, pressure up to 20 psig, and vacuum strength up to 17”Hg, all while consuming far less energy than a non-helical screw blower would be. More efficient operation means lower energy costs; lower energy costs means you save money! The CycloBlower is the efficiency leader among all positive displacement blowers for high pressure usage.   

Designed To Last

Workplaces that use industrial strength positive blowers need to know they’ll be able to demand a lot from their blower for a long time without having to worry about breakdowns or constant maintenance. That’s why, in addition to its power-saving considerations, the CycloBlower is designed specifically for heavy, continuous use. Every component of the CycloBlower fits in one piece of high-strength housing. This housing is built to resist deflection and retain accurate running tolerances between the main and gate rotors. The blowers themselves are fitted with Proprietary Inpro Seals specifically invented for this machine. These isolator seals are rated at 5CDL, 7CDL, 9CDL, 11CDL, and ensure no bearings or other parts wear on one another even during sustained, continuous use.

Every CycloBlower is manufactured under the very exacting ISO 9001 quality standards and tested to meet demanding performance requirements before being approved for sale and use. From the air flow design, to the anti-friction bearings, to the customized isolator seals, to the streamlined single piece housing, the whole design of the CycloBlower ensures a long and productive lifespan.

Designed For You

The CycloBlower may be designed for heavy, constant use, but that doesn’t mean it’s a temperamental or difficult to operate piece of machinery. The streamlined, single-piece design of the housing unit ensures easy operation and easy, low-cost installation. Every CycloBlower comes with a dual splash lubrication system, which means less maintenance for you and improved machine durability. The Labyrinth-style shaft air seals, mechanical seal option for gas, and Inpro Seals sets the standard for workplace safety and all components are rigorously tested to ensure optimal performance and safety. The Cycloblower isn’t just efficient, durable, and safe, it’s also simple and user-friendly. Choose from one of 17 sizes for the capacity and power that’s right for your business. Get a CycloBlower installed, and you’ll wonder how you went this long without one.

  • Helical screw
  • Airflow to 6,700 cfm
  • Pressure to 20 psig
  • Vacuum to 17" Hg
  • Clean air and gas delivery
  • High capacity and low weight
  • Quite, shock free compression
  • Efficiency leader at higher pressure
  • Clean air and gas delivery
  • Dual splash lubrication

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