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ESP 20/20 Controller

Compressed Air Control Systems allow for the efficient and economical management of multiple air compressors within a common system. A basic control feature is Rotational Sequencing. This scheme is best applied to compressors of like size (i.e. horsepower), and rotates the operation of each compressor to equalize wear.

Base Expert, an exclusive GARDNER DENVER control sequence, is designed to be used with compressors of different size and capacity where the sum of the trim compressor capacities exceed the size of the largest base compressor capacity.

Dynamic Expert, another GARDNER DENVER exclusive, is designed for use in situations where compressors are of difference size and capacity and the trim compressor (s) do not exceed or equal the size of the largest base compressor.

These systems will bring units on and off line, depending on demand and the capacity of the various units within the system, as required automatically.