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Keep Your Blower & Vacuum Pump Operating at Maximum Efficiency

AEON lubricants are custom blended, synthetic hydrocarbon (polyalphaolefin) based oils proven to enhance the performance of blowers and vacuum pumps in a wide variety of applications and temperatures. AEON PD is made without any toxic materials or heavy metals per OSHA and EPA guidelines, and is factory recommended for Gardner Denver products including the Sutorbilt®, DuroFlow®, CycloBlower®, HeliFlow® and TriFlow® PD blowers and Elmo Rietschle vacuum products. AEON lubricants come in several varieties for different industries. The AEON PD-FG (Food Grade), for instance, combines all the benefits of AEON lubricant while also complying with FDA 21 CFR 178.3570 requirements for lubricants which might incidentally touch food. All AEON PD lubricants are compatible with most seal materials used in industrial equipment construction. AEON PD will make your Gardner Denver blower even more effective, guaranteed!

Advanced Chemistry

AEON Synthetic lubricant is specially formulated to ensure minimal blower wear and maximize equipment life. Regular usage ensures the blower operates at top efficiency and minimizes the chance of damage or breakdown, even from heavy sustained use. The lubricant uses chemical oil/water separators and corrosion inhibitors that act directly on the bearings of the blower, extending their life significantly. Rust and oxidation inhibitors and even anti-foam additives in the formula also contribute to keeping your machine healthy and optimized. The AEON lubricant’s viscosity ensures superior lubrication even in severe hot and cold temperatures, with only minimum energy consumption. 

Why AEON and Not Mineral Oil

Why choose AEON synthetic over mineral oil? We can give you a few reasons:

  • AEON PD lasts up to 4 times longer than mineral oils when both are doing the same work
  • AEON PD has a higher viscosity index and maintains viscosity at high temperatures
  • AEON PD is better for the environment than mineral oil
  • You don’t have to replace AEON PD seasonally the way you would with mineral oil
  • Mineral Oils are hard on machines operating at low temperatures, which means they harm blowers during the start-up process and reduce equipment life. AEON PD works perfectly well at low and high temperatures.
  • Mineral Oils contain more water than AEON PD, which is bad for equipment
  • AEON PD is assured to work on all Gardner Denver machines. Mineral oil may not be, and could damage sealant material and harm your equipment.
  • Lower overhead replacement/maintenance costs mean you’ll save money overall.

When you invest in high-quality equipment, you want to make sure it keeps operating at the quality you need from it and for as long as possible. When it comes to ensuring and maintaining quality performance, there’s no tool more useful than AEON PD lubricants.

For positive Displacement blowers & vacuum pumps. AEON PD Synthetic Lubricants provide maximum protection for demanding operating conditions in any environment or application.

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