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  Compressor Volume =  (VR + VP X .13368) X (MaxP / ATMP)  
  t (in minutes)  
    VR = Volume of Receiver in Gallons    
    VP = Volume of Piping in Gallons    
    Maxp = Maximum Pressure at Unload / Stop    
    ATMP = Atmospehric Pressure (Site Corrected)    
    t =  Time of Test from ATMP to MAXP    
    Total CF=    
    Compressor Output    
Volume of piping must include additions and corrections for elbows, tees, dryer vessel volumes…
Test is to be performed from zero pressure in receiver to maximum system pressure.
All drains, service valves, leaks…must be closed or corrected prior to test.
A minimum of three tests should be performed with the average of all tests used as test result.
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